She awoke to a shrill ringing. She felt as if she was suspended, upside down, hanging by her waist, but she could not open her eyes to see. The pain in her head was excruciating. She could make out far-off voices. Men’s voices, muffled. She could feel sweat running down her face and into her eyes. The voices became slightly clearer. She could make out four or five men’s voices. They sounded frantic, yelling, but in a language she could not understand. A violent wind blew the sound of a storm replacing the ringing in her ears. He hair flapped madly, pulling on her already throbbing head. Slowly, she began to open her eyes. The sweat she thought ran through her hair was blood, and for a few moments, she saw only red.

Saeera hung upside down, helld twenty feet above ground by the safety strap on her seat. All she could feel was pain. The strap dug into her lap, and her right leg hung, her foot hooked around the base of the seat in front of her. It took all of her strength to raise her head to look at her legs. Something during the crash had broken her left leg at the shin, and she could see the bone protrude out the side. She dropped her head again and vomited into the open wreckage of the ship twenty feet below. Her nostrils clogged and she began to cough.

She felt the metal of the ship groan and creak. She could now see, through a mix of blood and tears, the vague shapes of two of the men below, standing amongst the flaming wreckage of the ship. The pointed up at her, and yelled to others that she could not see. She reached up and touched the back of her head, the source of her pain. She felt the gash in the back of her head, and what was a dull throbbing suddenly set ablaze. She jerked her hand away and cried out from the pain. Her fingers dripped with her blood. The metal creaked, louder this time. She screamed again, despite the agony it brought, and she felt one side of her seat dislodge from the upturned floor. It hung sideways for a moment, and she could hear the men below, now screaming to each other. A moment later, the metal above her gave way, and the little girl, still strapped into her seat, fell screaming toward the earth.


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